Heat cable installed the right way

Installation Process and Cable Types

Utah Heat Cable Specializes in penetration free heat cable installation for all roof types.

Did you know that if you penetrate your roof with screws, nails or staples to install heat cable cable that it will void your roof warranty. Utah Heat Cable uses many different types of cable attachment types to install heat cable on your roof but none of them will penetrate your shingles and void your roof warranty.

Utah Heat cable offers Many types of heat cable options at multiple price points to provide you with the best solution for your budget.

Did you know that there are 2 Primary types of heat cable used on roofs?

Constant Wattage Heat cable

Constant Wattage (typically found at home improvement stores) heat cable is most commonly installed at lower elevations and lower snowfall areas. This cable can be a very effective system for those who have a smaller budget. However you should know that this type of heat cable has a shorter lifespan (typically 5-10 year) and does not perform well in colder or higher snowfall areas. This type of heat cable typically is about 60-80% less in cost to install than a self regulating heat cable.

Why is constant wattage heat cable called constant wattage? It is because the cable will always put out the same amount of heat at all times. What does this mean for the efficacy of the system? Well this means that as the temperature drops outside there will be a point when the heat cable will not be able to keep up with the cold. Most Constant wattage cable outputs 5 watts of heat per ft. no matter what the outside temperature is.

Self regulating heat cable

This type of heat cable is typically installed at higher elevations and in higher snowfall areas. This type of heat cable is very effective at controlling and preventing ice dams. Self regulating heat cable is usually a more effective system because as temperatures drop lower the heat cable is able to output more heat. Self Regulating heat cable typically comes with a 2 year out of the box warrant. You can usually extended this to 10 years with proper testing and registration. Self Regulating heat cable is also available in 120V or 240V with Multiple Heat output Ratings from 3 Watts per ft. to 15 watts per ft. By Having Higher heat output it means that it can clear the problem areas faster, but also means that you may have a higher electrical bill.

We Offer 2 brands of self regulating heat cable that can provide you with more options and price points. This type of heat cable can be more effective but has a higher cost and usually higher operating costs. Self regulating heat cable typically has a life span of 15-25 years. Self Regulating heat cable will typically last you the life of a standard shingle roof. There are also different wattage outputs to also ensure that the heat cable will function better in more hostile climates.

Products we use

Drexan Self Regulating Commercial Grade Heat Cable

    • Has a 10 Year manufactures warranty (with certification and registration). Drexan heat cable is one of the Best self regulating heat cables on the market designed for roof and gutter installs.
  • Radiant Solutions Commercial Grade Self Regulation Heat Cable
    • Has a 5 Year out of the box warranty. Radiant Solutions is also a great product with similar quality to Drexan Heat Cable.
  • Easy Heat Constant Wattage Heat cable
    • Has a 2 Year manufactures warranty and has a typical life span of 5-10 years. This type of heat cable is great for lower elevations and for those that have a smaller budget.

Utah Heat Cable Strives to provide customers with the heat cable coverage they need without installing excessive cable. Many Contractors will install more cable than you need in areas that do not need heat cable. This leads to higher install costs and higher operating costs that can be prevented.

Utah Heat cable will design a system that is comprehensive. Our installs often include electrical, gutter work or roof snow retention.

You Should know that whether you have a small home, or a 50 unit Housing Complex. Utah Heat cable has the experience you need to get the proper coverage at the price that works best for you.