Ice Dam Removal

Utah Heat Cable uses the latest technology to remove ice dams from your roof. Utah Heat Cable doesn’t use picks, hammers, or even flame throwers to get rid of your ice dams. Utah Heat cable uses steam to quickly and effectively remove ice dams of all sizes from your roof. Using steam we can cut through ice at 8-25 Linear ft of ice per hour pending thickness and slope of roof.

Why do we use steam?

  • Steam is effective
  • Steam is fast
  • Steam is efficient
  • Steam is safe
  • Steam is environmentally friendly
  • Steam will not damage your roof or home.

Over the years, as we have been to hundreds of homes there is always one thing that stands out. Many companies that install roofs also

will remove ice dams however when they remove ice dams they also damage the roof. If the roof is damaged they get to replace the roof. Its a Win Win for them.

Never use Hammers or picks

or pressure washers to remove ice from your roof.


The most effective way is with hot hot steam.

Utah Heat cable will not damage your roof by deicing your roof with steam.

Ice Dam Removal with steam

Removing Ice Dam With Steam

Utah Heat Cable also provide emergency Ice dam removal and can work with many insurance companies to help stop the leaks that occur from damaging ice.